Saturday, March 07, 2015

March Favorites 2015

I can't believe that it's already the 3rd month of 2015! Time flies by way too fast... It feels like yesterday that I celebrated the New Year with my friends and that I ate 떡국 (Ddeog-gug - a traditional Korean dish/soup you eat on the 1st of January to welcome the new year and to grow older by 'eating' a year - kinda funny, right? But it's so delicous~).
Either way, it's march, the month of pisces and the official beginning of spring. Today I want to share with you my very first 'Monthly Favorites' post! I thinkt that most people do that at the end of a month, but I wanted to do it now to let you know what inspires me at the moment and what I would like to have. See for youself!

I linked all the items so that you may purchase them, too.

1. Kate Spade 'Eat Cake For Breakfast' iPhone 6 Case
2. Innisfree 'Creammellow' Lipsticks
4. ASOS 'Zodiac Signs' Watch
5. Fossil 'Cluster' Earrings

1. What to say? Kate Spade nailed it with this motto. I could indulge myself in cake every single day (no kidding, cake is one of the few things I would never get tired of. I kinda have an extra tummy exclusively for cake.) The color sheme of the case is also a big plus! It has my favorite color in it (and no, my favorite color isn't pink, even though some would estimate it. I love orange.)

2. Innisfree is a Korean road shop brand which sells natural beauty products. I've wanted these lipsticks for a long time now, but I didn't have the chance to purchase them yet. Maybe I will order one or two this month. Either way, I would still have to wait for around one month to receive them because they have to be shipped all the way from Korea to Germany.

3. Oh my gosh this color! So bright, so vibrant, so intensive and powerful! On their official website, Essie says about this color: Do the happy dance with this jubilant juicy red that's very of the moment. Yes!

4. This watch has a golden clock face with an elegant lunette depicting the 12 zodiac signs with a synthetic leather wristlet. It's très chic, modern and unique - perfect for the stellar-obsessed girl.

5. With sparkling glass jewels and dyed artificial resin, these earrings are real eye-catchers.

6. I have to hold back my voice to prevent myself from screaming out loud - these shoes are so gorgeous - the colors, the design, everything. I have only worn them once in a store and they feel just amazing. So light-weight and comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed my little collage of the month!
What are your favorites out of them or what are your favorites right now in general? Comment down below or write me an E-Mail!

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