Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Guard for the Light Switch | DIY

I don't have a lot of time right now (but I didn't want to post nothing!), so today's post is going to be a very short DIY on how to decorate your light switch. Without further ado, let's begin!

To start off, I cut out the shape I want. Here, I've used sticker paper (it will be easier to stick onto the wall later).
 Next, I cut out two white ovals for the eyes and glued them onto their place.
Now it's time to add some details!
Just stick it over the light switch and you have created a tiny guard who observes it!

Experiment around: cut out different shapes and figures - let your imagination run wild!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Twist Ring | Handmade

You know what? Friends and family are sometimes the best inspiration. Whenever one of my close friends celebrate their birthday, I always try to come up with something handmade. It's more personal, don't you think so, too? To cut a long story short: My friend (we've known each other since kindergarten) turned 18 (in Germany she's considered an adult now) and she's an absolute ring-lover. Well, scroll down to find out how I crafted a really simple ring for her:

How to:
Cut two strings of wire and thread them through the holes of the gem.
Twist the strings together.
Bend the two ends to form a ring fitting a finger.
Cut off the remaining wire and it's done!
Now you can create a bunch of them and either stack them together or just give them away as dainty little presents!