Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Package Arrival from the Far Far West

Guess what I found in our post office box the other day! A package from my lovely friend in Germany..! She's the only one out of my friends with whom I exchange letters or packages with - good old ancient times style (okay that's a bit outré). In december last year (still can't believe I have to say last year for 2016), I've already sent her a package with some Korean snacks and other hodgepodge since it was her birthday and christmas and all those festive days coming. Given that I can't wait any longer, let's open the package together!

Sorry guys but I just cannot promulgate my address yet - haha..

Heart beating really fast at this moment...drum roll please..

...and ta-da! Wow, I've actually expected there to be less, so I'm really surprised right now. Let's see - there's a handwritten letter (which I always like the best), a Yankee Candle (they smell so good; and how did she know that I'm into rose fragrances lately), some mask packs (can you see that she attached heart-shaped memos to each gift?), a fruit slice (I'll eat it the next time in art class since my stomach grumbles each time I sit there), a to be nuked mug cake (my grandma doesn't possess a microwave here in Korea though..guess I have to preserve it unitl I'm back) and last but not least some Russian sweets (side info: my friend is originally from Russia).
I haven't told my friend yet that her package has arrived, so I'll have her find out by letting her read this blog post (by the way, she was the one who suggested that I write again). So when you're reading this my dear friend:

Thank you tons and I'm really, sincerely, candidly happy from the bottom of my heart!

So it's been a while...

Hi to all the people out there!

Even while writing these lines, I'm still ruminating about what kind of excuses I should tell to justify my long (way to long) absence. Of course I could say that in the time I was 'offline', I've graduated from high school, changed houses, flew over to Korea, began to take classes in an art academy to fulfill my dream of getting into an art school, also began to take dance lessons thrice a week and nevermind to mention that I'm already 19 now. But in the end, it all results to me neglecting this blog which I cared (and still care) about a lot. At this point I have to apologize to my blog I guess.
Sorry blog.
So why now did I decide to start over again? Well - I did always think about restarting my blog posts, but somehow I ended up not to (I'm sure the majority out there can sympathize with me; maybe except those rare kind of people who have an iron will and are overly ambitious). My friend- who has also started a blog with a bit of my help (if I'm allowed to praise myself a little) told me the other day that I should start posting again. That's it. Simple, right? But sometimes all a person needs to pick oneself up again is just someone who tells you that you're sort of needed.

I'm going to start afresh, probably opening up a new category (in which I write about my recent and honest thoughts like in a diary) and I'll try to come up with diverse content for you. Oh, and not to forget to mention that my writing style has maybe changed a bit.

I'm really happy while writing these words, it makes me feel like I'm back home again - it's a delectable feeling.