Saturday, February 21, 2015

Flower Earring | Spring | DIY

 Here in Germany, it's slowly getting warmer and the sun comes out more often (even though the weather forecast said that it will get colder soon...). Whatever, to celebrate this fresh breeze of springlike feeling, I want to share a DIY that's equally 'fresh' and easy to make and that will make you instantly feel lighter and jauntier!
Earrings (mine had a rhinestone attached)
Silver bead caps x 2
Nail polish (Essie 'let it shine' Topcoat / Essie 'bikini so teeny')
Start off by placing the tissue paper onto your work place.
Take one bead cap and paint it in the color you want with your nail polish.
Let dry for at least 2 minutes, then cover it with your top coat.
Once it's dry, push the earring through the bead cap and attach it with a dab of glue so that it won't slide on and off.
Now you are done!
The color came out to be sooo beautiful and vibrant that I want to paint my nails in that color too! I can't wait to wear these earrings to school.
Speaking of school...exams will start to come up again next week so I will be very busy till the easter holidays. But I will try to post on a regularly basis, so look forward to it!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Message Hearts Tutorial | Valentine's Day

Hello Lovebirds!
Today is THAT day again: Some love it, some hate it. Well, I honestly belong to the people who actually like Valentine's Day. (I don't have a boyfriend though...haha). Even so, I personally think that Valentine's Day is a day full of spreading and giving love, not only to your partner, but also to your friends. I'm one of those girls who likes to give rather than receive something, so I thought that maybe you feel the same, but doesn't know what exactly to give your friend or lover. That's why I prepared a lovely tutorial for you, so read on!
Just follow the steps down below:

Easy, right? It's also really quick to make and you can whip up a bunch of these message / conversation hearts in no time! My paper had already some words printed on it (I got the paper from Korea), but of course you could write down something on the outside too! The messages you put inside mustn't only contain some love confessions, but also coupons for a fun day with your friend. Or, you can insert a small candy or sweets inside - the possibilities are endless!

What about it? Aren't these little hearts just cute? You can use them as a letter or decorate your room with it. Whatever, I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Light Blue Beads Necklace | DIY

Today I want to share with you a cute, little AND fast DIY that you can make in less then 5 minutes!

With the sun coming out more and more each day, it becomes easier to fight the winter blues. Nevertheless, I still spend a lot of time inside due to the cold and I get bored easily. I start surfing through the Internet, searching for inspiration. It was then that I found this dainty pendant necklace on a Korean website, which I saw pretty often floating around in Pinterest recently, too. It looked so easy to make, hence why should I pay for it when I can do it myself?
So, as to combat (maybe) your boredom, too, read on!

What you need:

Jewelry Pliers
Eye Pin
Crystal Beads (mine are light blue)
Start by inserting the crystal beads onto the eye pin. Mine were small enough to fit in 7 beads.
Create a loop with your jewelry plier and attach the chains.
Now you only have to add a lobster claw and you are done!

I'm very happy with the result and I will wear this necklace a lot. I think it just complements every outfit without standing out that much.
What do you think? It takes no time at all and it's simple as well!