Saturday, February 07, 2015

Light Blue Beads Necklace | DIY

Today I want to share with you a cute, little AND fast DIY that you can make in less then 5 minutes!

With the sun coming out more and more each day, it becomes easier to fight the winter blues. Nevertheless, I still spend a lot of time inside due to the cold and I get bored easily. I start surfing through the Internet, searching for inspiration. It was then that I found this dainty pendant necklace on a Korean website, which I saw pretty often floating around in Pinterest recently, too. It looked so easy to make, hence why should I pay for it when I can do it myself?
So, as to combat (maybe) your boredom, too, read on!

What you need:

Jewelry Pliers
Eye Pin
Crystal Beads (mine are light blue)
Start by inserting the crystal beads onto the eye pin. Mine were small enough to fit in 7 beads.
Create a loop with your jewelry plier and attach the chains.
Now you only have to add a lobster claw and you are done!

I'm very happy with the result and I will wear this necklace a lot. I think it just complements every outfit without standing out that much.
What do you think? It takes no time at all and it's simple as well!

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