Thursday, April 28, 2016

Scents made for Spring

It has been waaay to long since I've last posted an blogpost! I was so busy with school (final written exams are done - only the oral exams remain, yippieh!), therefore, I want to apologize first of all!

So, now that we've clarified this, I'll begin with the actual topic: It's all about scents (perfumes) just made for spring! You know that everyone crazes about viewing cherry blossoms (Insta!) and wearing skirts again (well, at least in other countries, it's freezing here - brrr). I think that spring carries a special sentiment. You're automatically happier and you want to spend time outside.

Perfumes or scents in general are a good way to emphasize this "springy" feeling and to get into the mood:

The one for in between: DEMETER - CHERRY BLOSSOM (ROLL ON OIL)
This little friend of mine is easy to carry with and convient. There are times when you don't want to spray a full load of perfume around you and annoy everyone else. It just smells (as the name indicates) like cherry blossoms and fits perfectly for spring. Even so, the scent will eventually fly away after a few hours, so be sure to reapply it again if you want to.

The daily one: CLEAN - BLOSSOM
This one is new: They've launched it not too long ago and I have to admit that I was at first a bit allured to buy it (my favorite K-pop group advertises for this company [BTS - 방탄소년당]). Either way, the smell is just a.m.a.z.i.n.g. It's my most favorite scent right now and I think that I'm becoming addicted to it. It smells flowery and fruity at the same time and you're not overwhelmed by it. I reaaally recommend it!

The one in the evening: VALENTINO - VALENTINA
This eau de perfume is heavier than the others. It smells lighter at first, but gets "deeper" as time flies by (don't know if you can understand what I mean), so I think that it's more a scent for the evening. Other than this, it smells flowery, too, with a hint of musk.

To wrap it up, I hope you've liked today's post (after my long absence) and be sure to come take a look again next time! (PS: Next post is going to be a small DIY!)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

No-Oven Sponge Cake

Ever since I've shown interest in cooking and baking, I've always admired those who came up with their own ideas and recipes. That's why - right now - I'm super(!!) proud to tell you that I was able to invent a new recipe on how to bake a no-oven sponge cake! I've almost bursted out in tears when I saw that I've succeeded at my first try (maybe that's exaggerated). Anyway, watch the video down below to get to know the recipe! (Also my first YouTube video!)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: INNISFREE Ampoule Intense Cushion

This will be my first review of make-up! Lately, I've been a bit (OK, I admit - A LOT) obsessed with make-up, especially with the ones from Korea (Are they called K-makeup?). Unfortunately, I've discovered this passion of mine last year when I wasn't able to visit my home country. I know that I'm a late bloomer, haha. ( I miss that country...) Either way, I couldn't wait/resist, so I've ordered a few items via good old ebay. All the items I've purchased were without shipping fees, but of course they were a bit pricier than in Korea. Today I will show you one of my favorite items:
When you already know Innisfree and their brand mentality of being eco-friendly, then you're probably also aware that their packages and cases are recyclable and printed with soy ink, leading to their typical, clean, white/ivory color. Korean make-up brands, also called road shops, tend to make collaborations throughout the year with other brands or designers. As you can see above, my cushion case is from their S/S 2015 collection, depicting different flowers from Jeju Island, where the base of Innisfree is stationed and where their natural ingredients come from. I looove flower patterns - so pretty, right?
On the underside, it is written that the cushion contains 15g with an SPF of 34. Also, don't be shocked by the red-colored date, it's not the expiration date, but rather the date when it was manufactured.
When you open the case, you can find the magic puff inside and a mirror is attached to the lid.
This is the puff - a very fine sponge to tap your face with.
Under the puff, you can find a lid which helps to avoid spilling and smudging. And after you remove the film... can finally see the cushion filled with CC cream! It promises to moisturize and hydrate your skin while naturally brightening it.
As you can see above, the coverage is really natural, there is no masking-effect at all! It hydrates my skin throughout the day as well, leaving it moisturized and with a little glow that doesn't look greasy. In addition, it lasts quite a long time.

Conclusion: I have combination/dry skin, so it's easy for my skin to show dry patches, especially in the winter season. But this cushion is so hydrating that I don't even have to worry when I forget to apply moisturizer beforehand. I really recommend this cushion for all dry-types and for the fall-winter-spring season (it could get off in summer and look a bit greasy with sebum).
I've got this cushion in shade number 21 natural beige for 18000 Won=18$.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Hair-Myths: The Dos and Don'ts | with Madison Reed

"Split ends can be repaired with conditioner again" or "Don't brush wet hair" or "Stress can lead to loss of hair". These are only a few of many hair myths which we've all heard of before. But how can we know if they're  actually true or false and what are hair Dos and Don'ts?

Madison Reed and I will uncover these myths for you! Also, please check out their fun hair color quiz to get to know which hair dye will suit you the best!

Hair care products can repair split ends.
False. No conditioner or treatment can glue together split ends again. Once a hair is split, it's split forever. To avoid split hair from the beginning, it's important to use hair care products constantly.

Wet hair shouldn't be brushed.
True. Wet hair is weaker and therefore more prone to break or split. It's better to comb your hair gently.

Avoid stress to prevent hair loss.
True. We can lose up to 100 strands of hair a day. Stress can disturb our usual cycle, leading to more frequent hair loss. In the case of heavy and protracted hair loss, you may consider to visit a doctor.

Trim your hair often to let it grow faster.
False. How often you trim your hair won't influence the speed of growth - it will neither grow faster nor slower.

Use silky pillows for beautiful hair.
True. The smooth surface of silk won't roughen your hair as much as ordinary pillows, letting you wake up with beautiful, flowing hair.

Now that the myths are clarified, it's time to know the Dos and Don'ts of hair care. Madison Reed has created a great graphic about it:
Personally, I have to admit that I did rinse my hair with cold water before, but my hair kind of "squealed" afterwards. Good to know that I won't have to go through the pain (the cold!) again.
Besides, my mother would always scold me if I went to bed with wet hair, saying that I would catch a cold easily. Guess I have to show her this graphic!

A big gratitude goes to Madison Reed to have provided the graphic above.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

How to make Cream Puffs

Oh cream and I share a painful past...(okay, I'll stop being melodramatic). But it's true: When I was younger, I didn't like cream puffs and as soon as I discovered my passion for baking, I failed horribly at my first attempt to bake them (I think that there is even a proof-shot on Insta!). Either way, after several trials, I've finally got the hang of it and I have to say that there is nothing easier to make than cream puffs! Scroll down for the recipe!

Ingredients (for around 20 cream puffs):
250ml water
60g butter
1 pinch of salt
200g flour (soft)
4 eggs
250ml whipping cream
60g sugar
sugar powder

1. Preheat the oven to 230° and sieve the flour.
2. Boil the water, the butter and the salt in a pot.
3. Pour the sieved flour into the pot and stir it until the dough declamps from the bottom.
4. Put the dough into a bowl, let it cool down a bit and stir it together with the eggs.
5. Insert the dough into a piping bag and form little cream puffs (let enough space between them!).
6. Bake them for around 15 to 20 minutes in the bottom half of the oven.
7. Cut them in half while they're still warm.
8. Beat the whipping cream and the sugar until the mass is stiff. Spread it onto the cream puffs.
9. Sift some sugar powder over them and eat!


Monday, January 11, 2016

How to fix your broken make-up (with alcohol!)

Hi there!
The other day, I eavesdropped one silent lament from one of my friends: Her make-up broke to bits and she was devastated. Since I wanted to cheer her up, I promised to fix it with a fool-proof method:

You'll only need:
alcohol (any hard liquor will suffice - I used vodka in this case)
a tiny spoon

1.Mince the broken make-up until there are no big clumps.
2.Pour a few drops of vodka over it.
3.Stir the mass together and smooth out the surface with a spoon.
4.Press a tissue over it until it absorbs all the remaining fluid.
5.Let it either dry in a sunless place or in the fridge for around 24 hours.
6.Now you can use it again and it is as good as before!