Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: INNISFREE Ampoule Intense Cushion

This will be my first review of make-up! Lately, I've been a bit (OK, I admit - A LOT) obsessed with make-up, especially with the ones from Korea (Are they called K-makeup?). Unfortunately, I've discovered this passion of mine last year when I wasn't able to visit my home country. I know that I'm a late bloomer, haha. ( I miss that country...) Either way, I couldn't wait/resist, so I've ordered a few items via good old ebay. All the items I've purchased were without shipping fees, but of course they were a bit pricier than in Korea. Today I will show you one of my favorite items:
When you already know Innisfree and their brand mentality of being eco-friendly, then you're probably also aware that their packages and cases are recyclable and printed with soy ink, leading to their typical, clean, white/ivory color. Korean make-up brands, also called road shops, tend to make collaborations throughout the year with other brands or designers. As you can see above, my cushion case is from their S/S 2015 collection, depicting different flowers from Jeju Island, where the base of Innisfree is stationed and where their natural ingredients come from. I looove flower patterns - so pretty, right?
On the underside, it is written that the cushion contains 15g with an SPF of 34. Also, don't be shocked by the red-colored date, it's not the expiration date, but rather the date when it was manufactured.
When you open the case, you can find the magic puff inside and a mirror is attached to the lid.
This is the puff - a very fine sponge to tap your face with.
Under the puff, you can find a lid which helps to avoid spilling and smudging. And after you remove the film... can finally see the cushion filled with CC cream! It promises to moisturize and hydrate your skin while naturally brightening it.
As you can see above, the coverage is really natural, there is no masking-effect at all! It hydrates my skin throughout the day as well, leaving it moisturized and with a little glow that doesn't look greasy. In addition, it lasts quite a long time.

Conclusion: I have combination/dry skin, so it's easy for my skin to show dry patches, especially in the winter season. But this cushion is so hydrating that I don't even have to worry when I forget to apply moisturizer beforehand. I really recommend this cushion for all dry-types and for the fall-winter-spring season (it could get off in summer and look a bit greasy with sebum).
I've got this cushion in shade number 21 natural beige for 18000 Won=18$.

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