Monday, February 01, 2016

Hair-Myths: The Dos and Don'ts | with Madison Reed

"Split ends can be repaired with conditioner again" or "Don't brush wet hair" or "Stress can lead to loss of hair". These are only a few of many hair myths which we've all heard of before. But how can we know if they're  actually true or false and what are hair Dos and Don'ts?

Madison Reed and I will uncover these myths for you! Also, please check out their fun hair color quiz to get to know which hair dye will suit you the best!

Hair care products can repair split ends.
False. No conditioner or treatment can glue together split ends again. Once a hair is split, it's split forever. To avoid split hair from the beginning, it's important to use hair care products constantly.

Wet hair shouldn't be brushed.
True. Wet hair is weaker and therefore more prone to break or split. It's better to comb your hair gently.

Avoid stress to prevent hair loss.
True. We can lose up to 100 strands of hair a day. Stress can disturb our usual cycle, leading to more frequent hair loss. In the case of heavy and protracted hair loss, you may consider to visit a doctor.

Trim your hair often to let it grow faster.
False. How often you trim your hair won't influence the speed of growth - it will neither grow faster nor slower.

Use silky pillows for beautiful hair.
True. The smooth surface of silk won't roughen your hair as much as ordinary pillows, letting you wake up with beautiful, flowing hair.

Now that the myths are clarified, it's time to know the Dos and Don'ts of hair care. Madison Reed has created a great graphic about it:
Personally, I have to admit that I did rinse my hair with cold water before, but my hair kind of "squealed" afterwards. Good to know that I won't have to go through the pain (the cold!) again.
Besides, my mother would always scold me if I went to bed with wet hair, saying that I would catch a cold easily. Guess I have to show her this graphic!

A big gratitude goes to Madison Reed to have provided the graphic above.

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