Sunday, March 01, 2015

Bejeweled Hair Pin

I haven't worn a hair pin in a long time. When I was in grade school, I wouldn't dare to go out without one. By now, you should probably know that I like everything that *blings* and shines. I mean, is there a girl out there who doesn't like to add a little sparkle which would complement her outfit? (Well, it could be that I'm a bit strong-minded in this field...). Nonetheless, today I want to show you that hair pins aren't only limited to little children wearing them with fancy patterns, but that they can also be worn as stylish accessories and everyday companions in your hair.
For this petite pin, I only needed one bigger jewel with loops, 2 ballpins and 2 swarovski beads in fuchsia. I attached the ballpins with the swarovski beads to the bigger jewel, then glued it to the hair pin. Finished!
Isn't this sooo simple? You can whip up a variety of different hair pins in seconds and you will have a whole collection!
See? Hair pins aren't either old school nor limited to children. With the right materials and the right combinations, they transform into your most loved accessory.
Don't you feel the urge to give it a try, too?

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