Sunday, December 07, 2014

DIY: Fabric Tape Hairband

Yesterday, one of my dear friends celebrated her birthday!
A week ago, I was at a loss what to give her. I asked her and she said that anything would be fine as long as I craft it myself. Despite her hint, I wasn't sure what to do. Thus, she said that she would be delighted to receive a hairband. Knowing this and the fact that her favourite color is purple, I began to make one for her...see for yourself! :

1. Materials: 2 x Fabric Tape (different patterns), scissors, a needle, thread, elastic
2. Start by cutting your fabric tapes. I cut mine at 15,5".
3. Peel off the unnecessary side of the fabric tape.
4. Stick one end of the elastic to a farbic tape. Put the other fabric tape over that part.
5. It should look like this.
6. You can see both sides of the hairband, making it a "double-sided" one.
7. Secure the elastic by stitching the end together.
8. Now you're finished!

After I made this one, I tried another version. I crocheted flowers with purple wool and added an elastic.


Next, I folded a paper bag, put in some chocolates and the two hairbands and closed it with a sticker. To secure it further, I clipped on a mini clothespin.

What about it? Make a few hairbands for your friends next time - it didn't take me a long time to make these and they will be happy to receive something you crafted yourself!

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