Monday, December 29, 2014

Twisted Gold Bow Bangle

Hey there!
As I did my usual before-I-go-to-bed-routine by surfing through the Internet (I'm looking at YOU Pinterest!), I spotted a bow bracelet from Kate Spade.
Here is the link to today's DIY inspiration:
I mean: Isn't that just adorable?!
Gold? Check. A bow? Check. A bracelet? Check.
Read on to see how I tried to copy this and change it into my own version:
What you need:
Gold wire
Jewelry pliers
Hot glue gun
Velvet band in the color of your choice (mine is deep purple)
How to:
Start by cutting two 11'' (around 30cm) long pieces of wire.
Fold each of them in half and create a small loop. Now start twisting till you reach the ends.
Take the ends and create two loops, each facing another direction.
Next, grab the end of one loop, wrap it around the center of both and bend over.
If the ends are too rough, sand them or dip them in nail polish.
Then, bend the other ends with the small loops so that the bangle will fit your arm wrist.
Cut two pieces of the velvet band, pull them through the small loops, dab hot glue at the ends of the band, fold them over and press.
Whenever you want to wear this bracelet, tie the ends of the velvet band together.
Le fin.

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