Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nails: Halloween!

Just two more days and it will be halloween! Kids wandering around the block knocking on doors and shouting "Trick or Treat!", frightening movies shown on TV, carving out pumpkins and so's that time again!

I couldn't sit on my horses anymore so I went and manicured my nails suitable to this event.

To begin with, I painted one coat of the all-in-one base on my nails, then moved on to paint two coats of black. On the ring finger, I painted two coats of blanc. Now the base was complete and I had five canvas to play around with.
After I let the coats dry fully, I started to add a spiderweb on my ring finger. I used an old thin  paintbrush and drew one in few strokes.

With a dotting tool, I added various shapes and symbols to my other nails.

At the end, it looked like this:

I like the result, even though it's not a scary and very arty manicure, I still think that simplicity is the best. I never wore black on my nails before, so I was surprised at how classy and elegant the combination of white and black can look like.
I think I will display this combination more often, but maybe without the spiderweb since it cannot always be halloween all year 'round (unfortunately).

Either way, I wish you all a happy halloween! Hopefully, this post inspires you to create your own nail art which matches your outfit and gets you into the mood!

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