Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY Scarf for Fall

Here in Germany, the fall holidays began recently!
Fall is actually my favorite season of the year. Drinking hot chocolate while it's raining outside, reading a book while staying in bed and celebrating halloween.
It's also the season when you want to start cozing up - be it at home or your clothes.
So, here I went and knitted a new scarf

-2 balls of wool
-a pair of knitting needles

2. Well, you just start knitting! For this scarf, I used a so-called "Patentmuster". I like this pattern the most, it's easy and it keeps you warm. Here is a link to the tutorial:
The language is german, but I think you can understand how to do it by just watching the video.

 3. After knitting and knitting and knitting again, you should have a scarf long enough so you can wrap it around your neck.
Overall, it took me around 4 hours and I did it while watching TV.

4. Now you have a new cozy scarf!
Enjoy wearing it and everyone will be surprised if you tell them that you did it yourself!

Are you also excited to polish your knitting skills and to grab a pair of knitting needles?

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