Sunday, December 06, 2015

Christmas Socks DIY

Already looking forward to Christmas? Well, I do. What I like the most about this pre-Christmas period is the anticipation and the tingly vibe in the air. Everybody is busy buying presents and preparing for the feast - it's an active phase!
I still remember that I would always put out my big Christmas sock the night before St Nicholas' Day and hang it over the doorknob. The next morning, it was filled with chocolates, mandarins and nuts. Today's DIY comes a little bit too late for St Nicholas' Day, but you can use this sock for Christmas or as an Advent calendar. Hope you like it and enjoy this month!

First of all, you have to choose your fabric and you need some interfacing, as well as a pair of scissors, needle and thread and your sewing machine.
Cut out two pieces of fabric and interfacing (wanted size of your sock).
Iron the interfacing onto each piece of fabric. Press your iron over the interfacing for around 10 seconds.
Should look like this now:
Take some pins and pin the shape of a sock. Pay attention that the fabric lies in the middle.

Sew along the trace.
Cut off the spare fabric.
 Evert the sock through the hole above and sew on a small strap.
Now it's ready to be used!

(It turned out that I can put in half of my arm, so if I should ever need some spare gloves, I know what I could take...)

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