Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hair Accessory: Ribbon Bow Tutorial

Maybe you've noticed it already, but I feel some kind of affection towards bows (okay, I'm fond of a lot of things...). I'm writing this post while drinking a good cup of hot cappucchino, in between my homework, letting my brain pause a little. Taking a break once in a while is good for your body and your soul. Constantly working and thinking won't do you any good. I often find myself a lot more relaxed and focused after a break and afterwards, I can concentrate even better on my work. Sometimes, I relieve my accumulated stress by crafting, drawing or making something creative. You'll see, creativity will boost your brain activity, too! 
Either way, I think I drifted off a bit, so why not try making this hair accessory in a work break? 

First of all, you'll need 3 stripes of ribbon. One with 5cm, one with 11cm and the last one with a length of 17cm (the length can vary of course).
Now, take the longest stripe, find its middle, fold both ends towards it and glue them down.
Do the same with the second longest stripe.
Place the smaller piece over the bigger one (pay attention that you glue them together in the middle!)
Take the smallest section, wrap it around the middle and glue it firmly.
Okay, now you only have to place the piece over a barrette, glue them together, and you're good to go!

And? How was it to take a break from work and let your creativity flow? Can you already feel your brain juices flowing again? Hope you enjoyed it!

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