Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DIY BEAUTY: Tinted Lip Balm


Hi there!
It has been such a long time since my last post...I think I had some kind of a 'blogger's block' and the hot weather here has also worn me out. I spent most of my time inside, escaping from the sun and any sort of exposure. Fortunately (or not), it has been getting colder again, also, my motivation is back and in full motion!
This time will be my first beauty related post ever! Lately, I've begun to grow some interest into the beauty world (especially Korean makeup) and I'm even obsessed over a few items. But...my money doesn't suffice to afford all those goodies and that's why I'll share with you a very quick and super easy -not messy- way to make your own tinted lip balm (tints are the craze right now!).
Read on!

What you need:  
-empty container
-tint (I've used a sample I got - it's the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in the color RD301)

With the spoon, take a small amount of Vaseline and put it into the container.
Sprinkel a few drops of lip tint over the Vaseline.
Now take your hair-dryer and hold it over the container while stirring the Vaseline and the tint together with a toothpick. The Vaseline will start to melt and the tint will fuse with it.
After the two ingredients are blended together completely, let the mass cool down.
Ta-dah, it's ready to be worn on your lips!

I've also prepared a swatch for you on the back of my hand. As you can see, the formula is quite sheer, but appears to be glossy. The color is buildable and because of the Vaseline, it's really moisturizing for your lips, too. Whenever you want to add a hint of color on your lips without having to use a mirror, this handmade beauty product will be your go-to item.

Try this method with other tints and colors! I think that every household has some Vaseline at home, so whip this up in only 10 minutes and you're good to go! Hope you will have fun at making this~.

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