Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Swarovski Flower Drop Back Earring | DIY

Hey there!
In today's post, I will show you how to DIY these  earrings - sparkling at the front AND from the back as well. This type of earring became popular last year and has been hyped a lot (at least that's how I saw it). Last year, when I visited my family and my native country Korea, I've seen those earrings everywhere and I've also bought myself a pair. They were just different and something new. I really like the pair I have, but I wished that I would have more of them...So, I was thinking that it couldn't be that hard to craft them (and it's so so so easy!). Read on below to verify it yourself!

1. What you need: 2 headpins, a pair of earrings, 2 beads (I chose two swarovski flower pearls), jewelry pliers (not seen above)
2. Start by slipping the bead onto the headpin.
3. Take your jewelry pliers and bend the headpin upward. Leave a small space between the curve and the bead (for your ear).
4. Now, create a tiny loop at the end (you don't want your backside to be too long, so clip off the lenght of your headpin according to your preference).
5. All complete! Ready to wear?

Ta-dah! Brighten up your face and your day with this sparkling and cute earring! ~Shine brighter  than a diamond...~
And? Easy, right? I always feel so satisfied and happy when I craft something - do you also know this feeling?

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