Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quick DIY: Cheery Bonbon Bauble

Hello everyone!
Hach, do you know this feeling? This bubbling inside your tummy and the smile that appears on your face? I'm in that state of mind when I look down at my wrist and see this playful, colorful and yet très chic bracelet! Somehow it feels like it has been some time since I've last crafted a bracelet, so I'm all the more excited to share with you my new favourite acquirement!

What I used:
rhinestone chain
lobster claw
jump rings

I've started by inserting eyepins into every bead and creating little loops at the ends.
Then, I attached all the beads together.
I also added the rhinestone chain and linked both parts.
Ta-dah! In fact it's finished but...
...I decided to add a tiny tassel as a mini-eyecatcher!

Phew, I'm really happy right now! The final result is very likeable and this bauble reflects my personality (in a way). Sometimes I wanna be subtle & classy, but sometimes I just wanna enjoy life in the most joyful & cheerful way possible!

This was a very easy and quick DIY, right? What are your impressions? Do you also have a split-personality like I do? You're welcome to leave comments down below! (By the way, those beads remind me of sweets!)

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