Saturday, April 11, 2015

DIOR "Mise en Dior" | Marbled Clay Edition

I've already seen a few variations of DIOR's "Mise en Dior" earrings, but they were all about drilling holes into beads and embedding rubber earring backs. (Those of you who don't know them: They have a smaller pearl at the front and a bigger one behind the lobe - it's their characteristic trait). For me, honestly, this way seemed a bit hard since I'm not familiar with using a drill and there was this slight possibility of accidentally breaking your precious pearls. I've wanted to try a new and safer method so I experimented around a bit and I finally came up with a different version: Why not use clay? That's why I will share with you an alternative to create equally beautiful earrings.
Let's begin!

Pair of earrings
Clay (air-dry)
Nail polish (I wanted to keep it classic so I've used black and white)
Bowl with water

Okay, start with forming 4 balls out of the clay clump. 2 smaller ones and 2 bigger ones for the back.
Insert the front side of the earrings into the 2 smaller balls. Do the same with the 2 bigger balls by inserting the screw backs into them. Let them air-dry.
After they've air-dried (I let them air-dry over the night, but a few hours suffice), drip a couple of nail polish drops into a bowl filled with water. Take a toothpick to swirl the surface (marbling effect!).
Now take one part of the earring and dip it in. Repeat this step with every part of the earrings. (Tip: Since the bigger balls don't have an attached stick, just poke a needle inside them to get a hold of them).

Ta-dah! You are finished!
What do you think of this method? I personally like the marbling effect a lot, I think it looks more 'unique' but that's just my opinion! (The balls didn't end up to be perfectly round but because of the marbling it doesn't stand out that much, fortunately!)

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